Did You Dance Your Ass Off At Mildred's Palace in The Late 1970's?

Welcome to our new blog dedicated to Mildred's Palace a Portland Oregon disco that thrived during the late 1970's. My name is Kirsten Johnson and I was lucky enough to have worked at Mildred's. In the summer of 1977 Julie Hayes and I moved  to Portland from the Oregon Coast. A friend we had both gone to Seaside High School with was already living there. His name was Joe Elliot and he introduced first took us to Mildred's. I remember that night with clarity. Lyle was the DJ that night. We bought sodas and went up to the balcony. The mirror ball flashed then on came the strobe light.  I Feel Love" by Donna Summer suddenly echoed through the ballroom. Julie and I fell in love with the Gay disco scene right at the moment. We went onto to spending the next couple of years dancing our asses off at Mildred's and making friendships that we hoped would last us a lifetime.We are hoping that this blog can become a way to find friends and people that want to reconnect but also to memorialize our friends that did not survive HIV.
The late seventies were a wonderful time of changing and living for us. We feel times should not be forgotten.
Where are
Bill Hicks
Datelif Mahoney
Vern Huff
Michael Hall
and so many others